<p>Apartments in Alfa House in Didi Dighomi are available only in white frame condition.</p> <p>What does it mean to handover an apartment with a white frame condition:</p> <ul> <li>High-quality metal-plastic door-window, gray color, with opening/hanging mechanism (both balcony door and window)) with double glazing;</li> <li>high-quality entrance iron door;</li> <li>water and sewage pipes introduced into the apartment;</li> <li>Electricity and natural gas delivered to the apartment;</li> <li>Internal partitions planned according to your taste, built 10 cm. with thick blocks, plastered with a mixture of gypsum and perilite;</li> <li>plastered contour walls;</li> <li>stairs and entrances covered with granite stone;</li> <li>Finished exterior facade;</li> <li>Covered balcony with black metal railings, high-quality decorated lesva, decorated wooden brown elements;</li> <li>Tiles laid on the balcony;</li> <li>Stretched floor of perfect straightness;</li> <li>The building is equipped with two modern elevators in accordance with Regulation 41, provided with a UPS (reserve power source in case of power failure);</li> <li>adapted environment for people with special needs (ramp; elevator; safe);</li> <li>After finishing the white frame, the height of the ceiling remains 2.9 meters;</li> <li>two well-equipped entrance halls;</li> <li>An isolated garage located on the 1st and 2nd floors, provided with lighting and an entrance door from the entrance hall.</li> <li>Installation and subscription of Telasi, Tbilisi Energy and Tskalkanal meters;</li> </ul>