Our values

Responsibility: we value our sense of responsibility. We’re proud of our whole group’s motivation to please the customers and their ability to make optimal decisions as well as prevent potential faults.

Development: a highly qualified and motivated group of workers is our main resource and Alpha Home prioritizes the importance of taking care of workers’ capabilities and development. Constant career development, as well as, receiving new information and a fast assimilation of modern achievements, allows us to make an improvement in the construction sector and the project management process.

Efficiency: to stand the test of time, keeping effective positioning means being constantly in action to keep an eye on customers’ demands.


''Alpha Home’s'' mission is to change people’s perspectives on construction for the better. In addition, we aim to create full comfort for our residents in means adding recreational zones, the infrastructure for a healthy life, and the highest safety standard.


''Alpha Home’s'' purpose includes the construction of buildings that are functional, aesthetically and architecturally pleasing buildings, that outline modernity.