About us

About us

"Alfa Home" creates comfort and quality - construction projects focused on people's tastes and requirements. "Alfa Home" has been positioning itself in the field of construction for two decades with a professional team with high values. 

Our completed projects are a reflection of our image

Today, we already know for sure that moving to a new house means starting a new lifestyle, we want to sell emotion and not square meters. Therefore, our construction project is focused on comfort and a new lifestyle, taking into account modern requirements, where time is the most valuable.

Along with the new challenges for our team, the demands of modern, active people became a source of inspiration.

Green and healthy environment, practical and convenient planning, infrastructure equipped with updated technological equipment, distinctive and sophisticated design - interior and exterior, high standards of quality and safety, and most importantly, responsibility - this is a small list of what is most important to us.

The projects of "Alfa Home" are distinguished by the best location and high quality of construction. 

Growing with our own experience, the past 20 years have created a great story of success and small mistakes. Construction without understanding high responsibility is unthinkable. 

We realize the existence of accompanying difficulties in the field of construction, and we also realize that customer satisfaction is the most important component for us on the way to success. 

That is why we have created a customer relations department and a hotline, where the residents of "Alpha Home" can freely express their wishes, needs, and requests, quick response to all this, finding solutions and common interests of both sides is our daily concern. You will agree with us, all this makes "Alfa Home" unique from all others.

The current construction projects of "Alpha Home" are:
Alpha Home Didi Digomi complex includes 5 buildings, located in the area of the former Kotrikadze car service
All projects of "Alpha Home" are created only with Georgian investment.
"Alpha Home" always has a special relationship with its residents, is always ready to receive advice, opinions and is open to new ideas. One of the main values of the company is its high social responsibility. "Alfa Home" creates comfort and quality for you!
"Alpha Home in Gldani" is a quiet and comfortable environment that is adapted to your daily life and lifestyle. The residential complex includes 2 buildings with 26 floor